We're pleased to announce that we're in the transition of relocating our facilities to Zhengzhou Advanced Technology Zone in 2013. The upgraded facility and equipment will allow us to better serve you in the future; however, this also means longer than normal turnaround time for all orders.
We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your support and patience during factory relocation. Please contact us for any questions.
: An exciting and fulfilled user experience from displaying your flying skills to a mission-critical military flight is Xoar's ultimate goal.
: Staffed with a team of 9 talents in materials, aerodynamic, engine mechanics, system integration and testing pilots, Xoar continues the legend with ongoing innovations and stand outs from the competition.
: Computerized production equipment combined with well-trained craftsmanship accurately actualizes your imagination allowing throttle response not only to fingertip, but also to your heart beat.
: From design to bench/field testing, from employee training to material selection, from production to finished product, every piece of Xoar product is produced with safety and reliability in mind. Xoar is certified with ISO QC standard and pointed by China Commercial Aviation Authority to draft China National Propeller Quality Standard.

Xoar specializes manufacturing propellers in both hobby and commercial applications

: model airplane propellers for gas & electric, UAV propeller, powered paraglider propeller and ultralight aircraft props. With over 40 years aviation experience and modern technology through relentless operation and quality control, Xoar produces one of the most efficient & stable airplane propellers in the aviation industry.

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For Multicopter or Fixed Wing Application. See Details
Custom Prop Design Form
Provide us the information of your UAV Prop definition or Propeller Design Drawing, we will custom design the best UAV Propeller for your engine. Click here
Where To Buy Xoar Props?
Store Locator is here to help find Xoar Propellers from distributors and hobby shops. Xoar dealers can request to be added to our store locator, too! Click here
ISO9001:2000 Certified
Xoar prop is Qualified with "GB/T19001-2000 IDT ISO9001:2000 standard certified"
Xoar will present at Spielwarenmesse, Nurnberg and AMA Expo Ontario in 2013

Why xoar props yield better performance?

Xoar Props
Other Brands
Trailing Edges Symmetry
Pre-Balanced during Production
Leading Edge Pitch Angle
Hub Process
Top Grade Material
*Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external factors such as temperature, handling during transit may vary the balance of the propeller.
+Warning: measuring equipment and method will greatly affect the result.