Light-Sport Aircraft Propellers

Teaming up with well-know engine manufacturer, such as Rotax, 3W, Desert Aircraft, Limbach, Zanzottera, etc, combining request of customers on global basis and relentless field testing for over 40 years, Xoar's tailor-made propeller has just become the Standard for Light-sport Aircraft (LSA), Ultralight Aircraft, Paraglider and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Xoar have designed propellers for engines including, but not limited to, Limbach L550E, Limbach L275E, 3W-157, Rotax 582, Rotax 912, Zan498H, Zan630i, 3W150, 3W170, 3W200, 3W210, 3W275, DA-200, DA-170 etc.

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Light-Sport Aircraft Propeller Design Definition

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*Material Beech Plywood
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*No. of Blades 2 3 4
*Configuration Tractor Pusher
*Rotation Counterclock Clockwise (when watching propeller intrados)
*Paint Clear Coating Anti-corrosion Coating
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Engine Models Engine Power Suggested Xoar Propeller Specifications
MOK150 3W150 3W157 3W170 HP = 15 32x12 27x14 26x14  
3W200 3W210     HP = 20 34x12 27x16 24x24 25x22
3W275       HP = 24 32x15 27x18    
3W342 Westlake342 JXP340   HP = 30 36x16 36x14 27x26 30x18
Limbach L275       HP = 24 34x12 32x14 27x19  
Zan498is       HP = 38 31.8x18 32x20 32x22 29x26
Zan630i       HP = 45 31.8x19.6 32x20 32x22  
Limbach L550E MZ201     HP = 50 32x20 32x23 30x23  
AR741       HP = 38 27x20 26x22