About Xoar

Has been producing movement for Rolex and other well know brand, Zenith was less known name to the consumer as one of the finest watch maker until it was bought buy Louis Viutton. From the hero behind the scene to appeal itself in glamorous stage, time has approved this timepiece maker!

Same story has repeated itself in every industry. In the world of propeller, Xoar propeller as the factory line form JXF Propellers is trying to do the same.

We have over 40 years experience in designing, manufacturing and testing propeller for both hobby and commercial applications. Combining the experience and modern technology through relentless operation and quality control, we are able to produce one of the finest propellers in the industry. Our goal is simple - "Help You Fly Better !"


Material For any mature propeller manufacturer, choosing the right material is the most critical first step. Xoar has two lines of wooden prop, Beech wood and Laminated plywood series.

After years of comparison, all of our beechwood comes Ploman Lumber Company in Germany for the best physical property in elongation, breakpoint and distortion rate ensure by its heating process.

Beech wood from Ploman provides the mean for us to make Xoar prop into one of quietest propeller on the market.

Laminated Plywood:
By choosing the right combination of wood and keep each ply no thicker than 1mm, laminated Xoar propeller is one tough boy on the block.

Manufacturing Process

Incorporating the air flow theory, our engineer first calculate the every parameter on the target prop, then all those parameter is plugged into parameter database system to detect the human calculation error.

Then all the parameters are plugged into digital imaging software to create virtual propeller. From there, engineer will able to visually detect design flow which is not caught by computer algorism.

Manufacturing Manufacturing:
After approving the design in digital imaging, then it will be transferred into CNC manufacturing program. After CNC, the semi finished prop comes into shape. The each prop is manually finished to reach perfect surface smoothness and balance which makes Xoar Prop stand out from its competition.

Because of high labor cost, after CNC has become the finish point for most of prop manufacturers.

Painting Painting:
2 layer of primer coating was applied first, then comes logo printing, finally two layers of glossy protection coating are applied. The coating paint is imported from Germany for protection corrosion from oil grease.

Note: Most competing propeller comes in non-glossy coating because it will prevent human eyes from spotting the non-smoothing surface. At Xoar, all of our prop all comes in glossy coating.

By default, the coating process will create unbalance between blades. Once again, each of the Xoar prop is manually rebalanced.

Rotating Balance check: Randomly, a few props from each batch are put on actual engine for rotating balance and quietness check.

Upon approval, the batch goes to our inventory. Upon rejection, each prop from the batch goes into rework until approval.

Note: Each size prop goes into sample production first and field tested before offering to market.

A finished Xoar prop offers high efficiency, low air fraction, low noise level, accurate performance in the Air. If that is not enough, its handsome looking will make a good decoration on your wall.