Xoar Propellers are ONLY made of the Best quality beechwood from German Pollmeier Lumber for its excellent physical property. Lumber are pre-treated to minimize elongation, breakpoint and distortion rate which are crucial elements for making top quality Wooden Airplane Propellers. XOAR Propellers are the perfect upgrade for your DJI Phantom 3 & 4* for Aerial Cinematography, Security, Agriculture, Survey & Mapping, Research & Rescue, Traffic Monitoring & more.


XOAR PJP-N-PH3 Beechwood Precision Pair Quadcopter Propellers are designed and engineered with unique blade shape and thin hub to maximize the flying characteristics of DJI Phantom 3 & 4*. The pairs have the same pitch and same weight for accurate, responsive and stable performance. The maximum tolerance of weight difference for each pair is 0.5 gram; this guarantees consistent performance - same torque is produced by the motors on each pair of opposite arms.


XOAR's Beechwood Quadcopter Propeller are constructed to offer maximum strength and endurance by it's unique structural design. The superior strength reduces flexing of the tips in Drone flight which greatly lower noise and vibration to yield a responsive, smooth and quieter flight for your DJI Phantom flights.

Xoar DJI Phantom Props
Xoar Props for DJI Phantom
Xoar Props for DJI Phantom
Xoar Props for DJI Phantom Xoar Props for DJI Phantom Xoar Props for DJI Phantom


  1. Match the color of the nut cap on the propeller to the color dot on Phantom's motors.
  2. Rotate the propeller to the opposition direction of the motor's rotational direction.
  3. Make sure to check and hand tighten each prop before each flight.
  4. * For all versions of Phantom 4, Self-tightening Adapter is needed (sold separately). Remove the stock adapters on the motors Match the color of adapter to the color dot on Phantom's motors. Use the provided screws to mount the adapter on the motor.
Xoar Props adapter for DJI Phantom 4 Xoar Props adapter for DJI Phantom 4 Xoar Props adapter for DJI Phantom 4

*Before each flight, the bolt tightness needs to be checked, sheer strength create by loose bolt could result into prop hub failure. Do not over tighten nut caps.

Please Note: Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external factors such as temperature, handling during transit may vary the balance of the propeller.


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Diameter Pitch Average Net Weight/Prop* Hub Height Bore Diameter
9.5" 6 12 ± 0.5 g 9 mm 7.7 mm

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