Xoar PJB Beechwood Prop is a square tip propeller for Model Airplane. The square tips absorb energy more efficiently thus increases the overall thrust-to-weight ratio without increasing the propeller diameter. Xoar Propellers are ONLY made of the Best quality German Beechwood Lumber for excellent physical property in elongation, breakpoint and distortion rate ensure by its heating process.

After approving the design in digital imaging, it will be transferred into CNC manufacturing program. After CNC, the semi finished prop comes into shape. The each prop is manually finished to reach perfect surface smoothness and balance which makes Xoar Prop stand out from its competition.

During the coating process, 2 layers of primer coating and 2 layers of glossy protective coating are applied in order to prevent corrosion. Once again, each of the Xoar prop is manually rebalanced. Spot check was performed to each batch by randomly selecting a number of props and put on actual engine for rotating balance and quietness check.

Xoar PJB Beechwood Propeller is the perfect choice for every level of hobbyist who is looking for more thrust performance without increasing propeller diameter. Xoar PJB Props come in a full range of specs from 9" to 26" diameters and a variety of pitch to satisfy all kinds of aircraft and engine specs.

Applicable Engines Type: Gas

Please Note: Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external factors such as temperature, handling during transit may vary the balance of the propeller.


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*Suggested Average Net Weight per size is for Reference Only. Actual weight varies among the specification of the prop (diameter x pitch) and other external factors. Please Note: Measuring equipment and method will greatly affect the result.

+Suggested shaft diameters are manufacture standard. Custom shaft sizes available in 5, 6, 8, 10mm upon request. Please contact us before placing orders.

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