Xoar PJT propeller is a carbon fiber version of PJA Sport Prop. For the pros who are looking to go beyond excellent flight performance, Xoar PJT Carbon Fiber Props is the choice. Xoar’s latest generation of Xoar Carbon Fiber Propeller is constructed with foam filling to ensures the lightest weight with great strength; we are able to reduce weight by ~37% yet retaining the strength using carbon fibers combining relentless Research and Development and the latest technology.

Carbon fiber material offers the highest endurance which are the two essential factors when it comes to seamless performance. The lighter the propellers, the less time the props take to spin up and slow down due to less strain on the motors, which in turn yields most accurate performance in maneuvers.

Please Note: Final balance check is suggested before flight due to external factors such as temperature, handling during transit may vary the balance of the propeller.


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Diameter Pitch Average Net Weight* Shaft Size+
18" 8 75 ± 5 g 8 mm
19" 8 80 ± 5 g 10 mm
20" 8, 10 85 ± 5 g 10 mm
22" 8, 10 105 ± 5 g 10 mm
23" 8 115 ± 5 g 10 mm
24" 10 115 ± 5 g 10 mm
26" 12 150 ± 5 g 10 mm
27" 10, 12 -g 10 mm
28" 10 -g 10 mm
32" 10 230 ± 5 g 10 mm

*Suggested Average Net Weight per size is for Reference Only. Actual weight varies among the specification of the prop (diameter x pitch) and other external factors. Please Note: Measuring equipment and method will greatly affect the result.

+Suggested shaft diameters are manufacture standard. Custom shaft sizes available in 4, 6, 8, 10mm upon request. Please contact us before placing orders.

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