UAV Propellers

Teaming up with well-know engine manufacturer and relentless field testing, Xoar's tailor-made UAV propeller has become the new standard serving global UAV customers. We have designed propellers for Limbach L550E, Limbach L275E, 3W-157, Rotax 582, Zan498is, Zan630i, AR741, JXP340, Westlake342, MOK150, 3W150, 3W170, 3W200, 3W210, 3W275, 3W342 and DA engines for many different Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV drone, light sport aircraft (LSA), paraglider applications.


Limbach L550E

Suggested Props*:
32x20, 32x23, 30x23

Limbach L275

Suggested Props*:
34x12, 32x14, 27x19


Suggested Props*:
32x12, 27x14, 26x14
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